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ChromeBook Charging Cart 

The DS-NetVault-M2 
Stores and charges 20 ChromeBooks in a secure, mobile cart

chromebook cart for 20 chromebooks Secures, stores and recharges from 14 to 24 Chromebooks or NetBooks 
(depending on their battery size and dimensions)

Innovative and secure two point locking system: simply
the most secure cart of its type, anywhere

Perfect for the Chromebook™ and other thin portable computers.
Two 13 outlet power strips with overload protection and 15 foot exit cords

Cord wrap brackets for safety and convenience
ABS fire rated plastic dividers; removable and adjustable in ¼” increments

Adjustable compartment allows storage of netbooks or
deeper storage of notebooks
Ergonomically angled padded push handle
Four 5” medical grade wheels (4 swiveling; 2 locking)
Weight: 113 pounds (empty)
DS-Netvault-M2 $1,170.00 Plus Freight
Chromebook cart Model # DS-GR-CB-M32-C

(Samsung, Acer, Dell, HP11) larger models are available

Innovative Gather ‘Round™ design allows teachers and students to access cart from both sides, increasing instructional time and improving classroom management

Incredibly compact: secures, stores and charges 32 Chromebooks (Acer, Lenovo ThinkPad 11E, Samsung, Dell, HP11)

Sixteen Chromebooks are stored in each tray, two trays per cart; trays have handles and are removable

Proudly made in the USA; ETL listed

Easy set-up and simple cord management

Two gliding doors with integrated push button locks

Unique ID card feature lets you personalize the cart

Molded cord rewinder bracket; ABS fire-rated plastic dividers, individually removable (without tools)

4” locking wheels (four swiveling; two locking)

Pre-installed at the bottom of the cart is a 32 outlet UL-listed
panel with block plug spacing

Cabinet dimensions: 25.25”W x 26”D x 30.5”H
(padded handle extends another 4.5”D x 4.5”H)

Module dimensions: 1.125”W x 8.75”D x 12-14”H
(adjustable so they fit almost all cases)

Weight: 120 lbs. (empty)

$1,395.00 Plus Freight

Manufacturers: AlphaBetter Desks Datamation
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